Lawrence: Black Lives Matter

Jul 16


• What’s your ethnic and religious heritage?
I’m Black American, a blood bought born again believer.

•What is the earliest memory of becoming aware that some people looked different from you? 
I was taught from an early age not to look at someone’s outer appearance. But that being said, everyone is different in some kind of way, because God made only one me, and no one else is like me.

•What is the earliest memory of becoming aware of racism? 
First of all, racism is hate and a sin. So, I see hate as a strong dislike of someone different then you. In middle school when they started to bus kids from other neighborhoods to our school which had different races. At that time, I was called the N word by my own race from the different neighborhood kids. Racism (Hatred)can come from any group of people, it’s not just one-sided.

•What’s one way you think your life would have been different had you been born another race?
I would not even dream of being another race. I love the way God has wonderfully made me. If I was white, it would still be me, etc…. Race doesn’t make the person, but your choices in life do. God don’t make no mistakes!

•How can white people be better allies to the black community? 
There again, there is no special communities in the real world (In Christ)!! It should be,  how can we as a people no matter what your race, be better allies with others that is different from you? It will never happen in this world as we know it because of sin. The gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything !!!!!So, if you have hatred in your heart for your fellow man, the gospel is the answer. Christ is the ONLY ONE that can teach us how to love one another. You can’t work this up by trying to get to know a community. Men need a change in the heart, THEN they can get to know other communities & become allies. Jesus said, Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart! Humility!!!!! be it black and white and every other color. No one owes anyone anything, but to love one another!

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