Yaquia: Black Lives Matter

Jul 16

Yaquia Walker

 • What’s your ethnic and religious heritage? 
I am a black believer of Jesus Christ and His message.

• What’s your earliest memory of becoming aware that some people looked different from you? 
When I was a little girl in elementary school. Other children talking about my hair and even the color of my skin. Probably first grade.

• What’s your earliest memory of becoming aware of racism? 
Oh, I have so many memories but you live your life to rise above those moments so you don’t live with offense. It was a schoolteacher for an enrichment class in elementary school.

• What’s one way you think your life would have been different had you been born another race? 
Had I been born a different race I believe the opportunities presented to me would’ve been different.

• What is one way you think you could connect with white people who have differing views about race?
Oh just love them & receive them even though I see them.

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