Jul 16


• What’s your ethnic and religious heritage?
My parents immigrated from Haiti in the 70’s. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA. I follow Jesus and I’m always figuring out more of what that means.

• What’s your earliest memory of becoming aware that some people looked different from you?
There was a kid in my 2nd grade class that all the kids didn’t like for whatever reason. I remember my teacher telling us we were all different shades of the same color. I believed her.

• What’s your earliest memory of becoming aware of racism?
High School. Friends giving accounts of being called the “N” word and getting into fights over it. Felt like a justifiable reason.

• What’s one way you think your life would have been different had you been born another race?
It’s hard to think of not being me. I’ve never thought about being a different “race” but I have wondered what it would be like to be a part of a different culture. I feel like my cultural experience has given me a mental advantage I wouldn’t have had otherwise. “L’union Fait La Force”

• How can white people be better allies to the black community?
Ask God what this means for you personally: First, learn the history and facts, which may help understand a lot of what people are so upset about. Then, find a way to give up your privilege for another, just like Jesus did.“6 who, existing in the form of God,did not consider equality with Godas something to be exploited.[a]Instead he emptied himselfby assuming the form of a servant,taking on the likeness of humanity.And when he had come as a man,he humbled himself by becoming obedientto the point of death—even to death on a cross.”

P.S. We should all consider what this means in light of our own opinions, preferences, and privilege.

P.P.S Support black businesses!

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